Call for participation – workshop “Peer-To-Peer Design Strategies” 3/4/5 Nov

posted by thomas on October 20th, 2010 -

workshop by Emanuele Bonetti (Italy) during make art 2010 festival in Poitiers, France

max 6 participants

During the workshop participants will be asked to complete a design commission using an alternative peer-to-peer collaboration method.

The aim of the workshop is to complete one finished work of graphic design that all the participants find satisfying. This workshop serves as a test case and experiment to show that peer-to-peer design methodologies can serve as a serious alternative to traditional, hierarchical design project work flow.

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about make art 2010, the full program and website will be announced shortly, stay tuned ;)

The workshop is open to everyone with a maximum of six participants.
Participation is recommended for all the three days but participants can also choose to attend only one or two days.
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