workshop “Go Forth!” @ Futuresonic

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workshop go forth!

Go forth! script realtime graphics & build your own lofi 8bit synthesizer

Go forth! is a 2 day workshop in which you will build your own mini lofi synthesizer using a PIC chip. Because fresh tunes simply taste better with some eye candy, we’ll also teach you how to make realtime graphics. If your heart starts beating faster every time you hear the fabulous 8bit sounds of the gameboy classic or atari, this workshop is for you. The first day we’ll introduce you to scripting realtime graphics. You’ll learn how to create complex visuals using only a few lines of code. The second day is all about PIC chips. Using cheap small components, you’ll build your own tiny synthesizer. Visuals and 8bit sound meet each other at the happy end of the workshop.

You’ll go home with a pure:dyne live cd, containing all the software used in the workshop (and much much more). Go Forth! is based on 100% FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software).

20 july (11.00 17.00)
- Introduction to pure:dyne: booting cd, docking & nesting, included software
- Basic linux skills: terminal, shell commands, desktop and file browser
- Introduction to Forth: syntax, interpreter, dictionary…
- Packet Forth: fun with PF using prepared dictionaries
- OSC and Packet Forth: example of communication with PureData

21 july (11.00 17.00)
- Toys: showcase of different PF/purrr applications
- Introduction to purrr: the Forth that makes your chip purrr
- Making noise with purrr: getting sound out of the PIC chip
- Fun with purrr: write your own synthesizer using a prepared dictionary
- Communication PF/purrr: link the generative visuals of the first day with your
hardware synthesizer

No previous knowledge of electronics or programming required.


Tom Schouten (BE) is an artist and independent software developer. He is the author of PDP, an extension for Pure Data, which adds building blocks for image and video processing, and other media oriented applications, tightly integrated to the computer music system which hosts it. Currently he is developing Packet Forth, a stand-alone application / scripting language for media processing and BADNOP, an interactive FORTH compiler for Microchip Picmicro microcontrollers.


Aymeric Mansoux (FR) Since the mid-nineties, Aymeric Mansoux has taken part in many artistic experiments based on the internet and the emergence of networks. Traceroutes, network packets, digital feedbacks and piped logs become a new clay that can be used to develop autonomous artistic processes. Currently an mphil/PhD student at the creative technologies department of the University of Huddersfield, his most recent artistic projects include a residency at the Mediacentre of Huddersfield, a collaboration with Chun Lee within the live electronic music group 0xA, and Metabiosis, a project on non-carbon based pseudo live forms in distributed computing and peer-to-peer networked ecosystems with the Dutch artist Marloes de Valk.


Marloes de Valk (NL) is a Dutch audiovisual artist, currently based in the UK. She studied Sound and Image at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, specializing in abstract compositional computer games, HCI and crashing computers. Starting out as a visual artist who played violin, she ended up bringing the worlds of sound and image together by building her own digital instruments in which sound and image are of equal importance, created real-time, simultaneously, influencing and distorting each other. Besides her artistic practice, she is also involved in organising workshops and events around digital art and open source software.


Go Forth! is brought to you by the Digital Research Unit, GOTO10 and friends.

Teachers: Aymeric Mansoux, Tom Schouten and Marloes de Valk.

The project is supported by Yorkshire Forward and the The Digital Research Unit, University of Huddersfield (
DATE: JULY 20th-21th 2006, Thursday – Friday, 11:00 – 17:00 pm
TOOLS USED: pure:dyne, Packet Forth, CAT/purrr, PIC chip, breadboard …
LANGUAGE: english
FEE: free!
VENUE: the Museum of Science and Industry, Liverpool Road, Manchester
FOOD&DRINKS: Free tea + coffee, bring a lunch
HARDWARE: Hardware provided
BOOKING: send an email to stating your name, address, telephone number and which workshop you’re interested in. Questions by telephone can be directed to +44 (0)1484472617