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puredyne is an operating system developed to provide media artists with a complete set of tools for realtime audio and video processing. puredyne is a live distribution, you don’t need to install anything. Simply boot your computer using the live CD and you’re ready to start using software such as Pure Data, Supercollider, Icecast, Csound, Fluxus, Processing, and much much more.

You can boot puredyne from usb stick, CD or DVD. All you have to do to get started is download pure:dyne, put it on your preferred medium and boot your computer. Without installing anything you’ll have the full system at your disposal, including all the software that comes with it.

puredyne is optimised for use in realtime audio and video processing. Both the system and the software are tuned especially for low latency and high responsiveness.

pure:dyne is based on Debian and Debian Multimedia. All packages provided by pure:dyne can be used if you are running these flavours of GNU/Linux.

Who is puredyne for?

puredyne is developed by artists, for artists. Our primary users are people like us – media artists who build all kinds of creative projects, using pure:dyne to do anything from recording and manipulating sound, making live visuals, creating interactive media in installations, and more. We use ‘artist’ as a broad term for anyone who is doing or wants to do something creative using their computer.

puredyne is also used by media art organisations across the world. Galleries, production centres, school departments and more are finding puredyne useful for teaching media art skills to their local communities.

pure:dyne is supported by Arts Council England