puredyne SPACE sprint!

posted by chunito on October 15th, 2010 -

The London based members of the  puredyne team will be having a development sprint this weekend hosted by  SPACE London http://www.spacestudios.org.uk/ . The objective of the sprint is to move the current puredyne version to be based on the latest Maverick Meerkat release.

This sprint is supported by SPACE as part of GOTO10′s Permacultures residency. More details about what we are doing during this residency can be found at http://permacultures.goto10.org

Also free free to join in and help us remotely via irc.goto10.org #puredyne

We will be working hard there, and bento boxes for support are welcome:)

IRZU / Ljudmila Residency

posted by rob on September 30th, 2010 -

During the IRZU Earzoom Festival in Ljublana, Slovenia,  GOTO10′s Rob Canning will be Artist in Residence in the Ljudmila Hacklab. His work Kyklos for video and multichannel sound will be installed in the gallery ŠKUC from 2. to 6. October 2010.

There will also be a two day workshop on composing music for instruments using Free Libre and Open Source Software on the 6th and 7th of October. This workshop will focus on Lilypond notation software as well as Common Music / Grace, Fomus and puredata. It will be taught on the puredyne GNU/Linux. more info on workshop


SPACE – London Residency

posted by rob on September 22nd, 2010 -

GOTO10 is supported by SPACE through the PERMACULTURES programme. PERMACULTURES supports artists using technology and exploring media culture against the backdrop of apparent ecological crisis. SPACE hosts 1-3 month residencies in the MediaLab supporting artists to develop and produce new work.

During the residency SPACE have offered GOTO10 time and space to develop new projects,  the residency will also host a puredyne code sprint as well as workshops and public events  related to the projects developed during the residency.

The residency can be followed here: http://permacultures.goto10.org/ or if you are in London feel free to drop in to say hello!


Buddha Buddha workshop

posted by chunito on September 8th, 2010 -

GOTO10 is pleased to introduce the “Buddha Buddha” workshop in partnership with Digiark of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

In the workshop, participants will first produce sounds of their own using FLOSS tools. The results of these sound experiments are subsequently loaded into custom manufactured Buddha boxes(small IC based sound loop player, best known for the works by Chinese duo FM3). Participants will then learn the basics of circuit bending and electronics to carry on their experiments in the realm of hardware.

Date: 08/17-08/19, 09/09-09/11

make art – call for projects “In-between design”

posted by thomas on July 18th, 2010 -

We’re pleased to announce the new call for projects for the forthcoming edition of make art, which will take place in Poitiers from the 4th to the 7th of November.

make art 6th edition will focus on in-between design: rediscovering collaboration in digital art.

We’re currently seeking new, innovative media art and design works and projects focusing on the above theme :
– graphical artworks and installations
– lectures
– project presentations
– software and hardware demos

Deadline : 31st July 2010

More info and how to apply at : http://makeart.goto10.org/call

“FLOSS art ?” – lecture @ Rurart (FR) – 27th May

posted by thomas on May 24th, 2010 -

Olivier Laruelle - Invisible commitments - credit Marloes de Valk

What happens when you try to combine FLOSS and digital art ? What is the creative influence between art and free software ?
This lecture will be given by Thomas Vriet (in French) as an immersion to “FLOSS art” movement.

Venue: Rurart, cultural center nearby Poitiers (FR)
Date: Thursday 27th May – 18h
More infos: click here

Que se passe-t-il lorsque l’art numérique et les Logiciels Libres et Open Source (FLOSS) se rencontrent ? Quelle est l’influence créative entre l’art et le logiciel libre ?
Cette conférence par Thomas Vriet (en français) est proposée comme une introduction au courant du “FLOSS art”.

Lieu : Rurart, centre culturel à Rouillé près de Poitiers (FR)
Date : jeudi 27 mai – 18h.
Plus d’infos : cliquez ici


posted by rob on April 10th, 2010 -

Our friends from Servus.at are doing another wonderful Liwoli festival based in Linz (AT).

LiWoLi is an open lab focusing on Free /Open Source Software (FLOSS), Open Hardware and open contents in digital art and culture. This event will offer workshops, lectures, presentations and performances. For anyone interested in these subjects, participation in the entire program is free.

vacca (GOTO10) will be performing .extremsimulator -0.2 && .extremsimulant performance

Date: 04-17
Time: 21:00 – 21:30
Location: Roterkrebs
Speakers: Jan-Kees van Kampen

livecoding performance (20-25 minutes), no sampling, generative music, oscillators, filters, feedback, noise

Pikelache/HIAP puredyne sprint

posted by rob on March 22nd, 2010 -

A code sprint is a “time-boxed period of software development focused on a given list of goals” (source: wikipedia). It is a great opportunity for developers to meet in real life and work together on some issues. The Puredyne team use this technique for a couple of years now and have been doing sprints in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain. During a sprint, other developers and members of the community can follow our progress and discussion via IRC and/or stream and are welcome to contribute!

During 3 days developers from the Puredyne Team and guests Dave Griffiths and Gabor Papp will work together on improving Puredyne as a tool for live audiovisual performances and work towards better integration of software such as Fluxus. We are working from the 22nd until the 24th in the HIAP residency studio of the Suomenlinna island and you are welcome to drop by and work with us!

GOTO10 @ Pixelache 2010

posted by rob on March 20th, 2010 -

GOTO10 collective has been invited to design some parts of the Pixelache 2010 programme. The preliminary plan is to organise a seminar about FLOSS+Art and to present an exhibition featuring software art.

more details here:


web: pixelache.ac/helsinki
e-mail: office ((at)) pixelache dot ac

Opening exhibition chmod +x art

posted by marloes on March 5th, 2010 -

Class Library
Yesterday the exhibition chmod +x opened in Sign gallery, Groningen. The works exhibited are “love2″ by Wayne Clements, “island2″ by Martin Howse, “Microcodes” by Pall Thayer and “Class Library” by Graham Harwood. The exhibition presents works that use the computer as a space for social revolution, as location, an ungraspable island that slowly transmits itself to other computers, as actor, mimicking other machines. Executable language, thoughts, ideas and actions translated into code that can be interpreted and executed by a machine. Each of the works show aspects of our relation and history with computers. Even though for non-programmers it might at first be hard to approach the code and the processes it describes, there are fascinating stories to be found.

You can visit chmod +x art at sign in Groningen until the 7th of March. more