“le Jeu des Jeux” @ Souffle de l’Équinoxe, 19/20 Mar, Poitiers

posted by thomas on March 17th, 2011 -

Dorothé Depeauw (Belgium) and Simon Yuill (Scotland) were invited to give a lecture about the amazing performance/installation artwork behind Kaleidoscope/objscrs at make art 2010.

We are very happy the current version of the project called “le Jeu des Jeux” is selected by le Souffle de l’Equinoxe event in Poitiers, taking place this week-end. Don’t miss !

  • Where: Auditorium St Germain, Poitiers
  • When: Saturday 19th March, 17:30 or Sunday 20th of March at 17:30
  • Entrance: free!
  • Who: Dorothé Depeauw, choreographer ; Liselot Jansen, choreographer ; Matthias Koole, musician ; An Mertens, storyteller; Simon Yuill, software programmer. Production : Mangrove-Tentactile. Co-production : Constant, De Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats


A controlling and repression instrument is transformed into a game and expression tool.
A written user manual is transformed into a funny physical game. “le Jeu des Jeux” is a production of the ! Co LAPse KoDe project held by a collective of artists from Belgium, Scotland and Brazil. It is a creation in the form of an ongoing game around the use of surveillance cameras and a motion tracking free software that records and analyzes the behaviors and in which performers, audience, objects, movements, sounds and images come together as agents with equal rights. In this interactive participative production, the audience can be an actor if he/she’d like to. His/her participation can have an influence on the game itself.

Collective !CoLAPseKoDe
Formed by Dorothée Depeauw, Simon Yuill, Kirsty Stansfield, An Mertens, Matthias Koole and Liselot Jansen from Belgium, Scotland and Brazil, the collective was created during a improvisation workshop by the American cellist Tristan Honsinger. Thus came the idea to extend the multidisciplinary improvisation research with the use of software OBJSCRS, that was in its first basic version at that moment. Simon Yuill got involved with the project and a first performance was planned through the extension of the software. This first generation was Kaleidoscope.
Kaleidoscope became a collaborative installation-performance. The creative process and the performance of Kaleidoscope brought many questions, answers and opened up many possibilities. To explore these questions, the !CoLAPseKoDe was formed. The group wishes to continue its researches with the free software for motion tracking, OBJSCRS, which allows the interpretation of movements of bodies and objects through real-time images, using, different types of sensor zones and a surveillance camera. The fundamental idea is to transform a repressive tool (surveillance camera) into a creative one. Through workshops for experimentation with the software, with the participation of local artists (programmers, musicians, dancers, and anyone interested).

Un instrument de contrôle et de répression est transformé en outil de jeu et d’expression.
Un manuel d’utilisation écrit est transformé en un jeu physique amusant. “
Le Jeu des Jeux” est une production du projet ! Co LAPse KoDe porté par un collectif d’artistes belge, écossais et brésilien. C’est une création sous forme de jeu continu autour de l’utilisation de caméras de surveillance et d’un logiciel libre de motion tracking qui enregistre et analyse les comportements et dans laquelle les performeurs, le public, les objets, les mouvements, les sons et les images se retrouvent comme des agents avec des droits égaux. 
Dans cette production interactive-participative, le public est aussi acteur s’il le souhaite et sa participation peut influencer le cours du jeu.