APOIEO @ National Poetry Library

posted by rob on August 3rd, 2011 -

For three weeks this summer GOTO10′s APIOEO project will be hacking the city in and around the Southbank Center London – As part of the 60th aniversary of the Festival of Britian, The National Poetry Library in association with
KALEID editions have curated a series of poetic interventions in the envions of the Royal Festival Hall and the Saison Poetry Library. GOTO10 will be remixing the database of the poetry library and generating new poetic interpretations of the content using some funky little computer codes, the resultant poems are then set free into the wireless airwaves where unsuspecting hunters of free wifi are subjected to the poetry in the form of dozens of constantly changing rouge access points!

Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall, SE1 8XX
3 August 2011 – Sunday, 28 August 2011

GOTO10 | 03-Aug-11 to 28-Aug-11

GOTO10 exploits Wi-fi signals and combines them with the library’s database to create original digital verse. With a simple hack to a wireless router, the international digital arts collective GOTO10 present the unsuspecting passer-by with anything from a playful cut and paste collage to creative propaganda. Drawing
comparisons with SMS and Twitter poetry such as ‘twaiku’, messages are transmitted from the library, feeding poetry to public spaces around the Southbank Centre.

GOTO10′s public intervention is kindly supported by SPACE.

A dedicated season of artists’ books curated by KALEID editions. Twelve internationally acclaimed artists engage with the Saison Poetry Library’s collection in a diverse programme of exhibitions, interventions, residencies and participatory events.

Prompted by the Festival of Britain celebrations, contemporary artists are given a rare opportunity to draw upon Southbank Centre’s archives and re-consider British identity sixty years on.

KALEID editions represents ‘artists who do books’, advocating public library collections and an interdisciplinary approach to artists’ books. Visit the Saison Poetry Library on the fifth level of the Royal Festival Hall to discover the most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry from 1912 in Britain.